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Animal communication signals form some of the most elaborate traits in the animal kingdom. These signals often consist of complex multimodal constituents that include both morphological and behavioral components. Our lab is generally interested in how these signals evolve and we are especially interested in how cognitive perception and individual behavior drive complex signal evolution.


Awesome job, Team Túngara 2022!

Evolution relies on diversity. By collaborating with people from all backgrounds, (computer science, art, robotics, psychology...), we are able to learn from someone else's perspective outside of ourselves.

Mate Choice Activity

We have developed a short lesson instructors can use for their curriculum on frog acoustic communication and mate choice as part of our ongoing outreach efforts. See it here. 

School Activity K-12

We contributed to amphibian conservation lesson plans at our Gamboa, Panamá field site, intended for schoolchildren visiting the lab. Get a copy of the curriculum here. 

Species of Interest

Three of our major focal anuran species plus some additional species can be found here. Most are complete with vocalizations, representative images, and range maps

Lab News:

After a successful 2022 field season, our graduate student, Rose, is currently preparing to defend her thesis in December!

Our Postdoc, Logan, and our graduate student, Rose, were both able to present their research at the 2022 Animal Behavior Society Meeting in Costa Rica. Head to the Gallery to see some photos!



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