Principal Investigators

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Dr. Ryan Taylor


Dr. Kim Hunter



Rose Hamilton

Graduate Student (MSc)

As an undergrad at SU, Rose worked on various other projects ranging from bat ecology to zooarchaeology before joining our lab.


She accompanied the team for the 2019 field season and later graduated from SU with her BSc in Biology in 2020. She is the creator/moderator of the lab's website.


Rose is entering our Master's program with an interest in the visual aspect of mate choice. 


After graduating, she hopes to pursue a PhD in evolutionary biology.

Kashish K

Kashish Kumar

Undergraduate Student (BSc)

After taking a genetics course with Dr. Hunter, Kashish became intrigued with connecting behavior to genetics and wanted to be a part of it. As a biology major with a pre-med focus, she plans on going to medical school and receiving her M.D.; working in our lab will definitely make her application interesting!

Kelsey O

Kelsey Owens

Undergraduate Student (BSc)

With hobbies and interests ranging from rocket science to robotics, Kelsey's one true passion has always been biology. This passion eventually led him to our lab where he has been working with the more technical aspects of our research. Modeling 3D-printed nests and calibrating equipment are just some of his main tasks.

After graduation, he hopes to become an environmental engineer or bioinformatician.

Kristin B

Kristin Bollinger

Undergraduate Student (BSc)

After studying abroad in Gold Coast, Australia and experiencing the Great Barrier Reef, Kristin's love for diversity and biology brought her to our lab.


As a junior at SU, she does not have exact future plans, but knows that she wants to continue her pursuit of knowledge in biology in some form. She is currently working on creating a spectrometer protocol and is conducting research with local spring peepers.



Paul Clements

Head Engineer

Working out of Salisbury University, Paul keeps the field season running smoothly by building additional robofrogs and silicone vocal sacs, maintaining equipment, ordering supplies and troubleshooting our hardware.