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Principal Investigators

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Dr. Ryan Taylor


Dr. Kim Hunter

Students & Post-Docs

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Logan James


Having studied communication in birds during his PhD, Logan's transition into frogs made complete sense! 

In our lab, Logan has investigated the more fine scale aspects of multimodality in mate choice. By exposing females to a trimodal display (auditory+visual+seismic), he is able to evaluate how females' choices differ under various conditions - even sometimes improving her ability to choose. 

To learn more about this research, click here.


Korbin Reynolds

Graduate Student (MSc)

As an undergraduate at Florida Atlantic University, Korbin became fascinated with all aspects of animal behavior and graduated in 2020 with a BS in Biology and a Minor in Psychology.


Korbin started pursuing his interests by joining a bioacoustics lab where he worked to understand aspects of neighbor and stranger discrimination and communication in the northern cardinal.


Korbin joined our lab in January 2023.


Grant Zemanek

Graduate Student (MSc)




Paul Clements

Head Engineer

Working out of Salisbury University, "Paulie" is the mastermind behind the development of the current generation of robofrogs as well as the "excitors" that Logan and Rose have used when studying seismic cues. 


He keeps the field season running smoothly by building additional robofrogs and silicone vocal sacs, maintaining equipment, ordering supplies, and troubleshooting our hardware.

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